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    Power cables isolated water-cooled for arc-type electrical furnace

    Power water - cooled cables for electrical furnaces – Construction 1

    Power water - cooled cables for electrical furnaces – Construction 2

    Power water - cooled cables for electrical furnaces – Construction 3

    Power water - cooled cables for electrical furnaces – Construction 4


    PERIOD OF MANUFACTURE – from 7 days


    Production is manufactured in conformity with License agreement (ROSPATENT, Registration number РД 0031337 as of 18.01.2008) .


    It is necessary to acquire power heat-resistant cables and other equipment for any electric furnace. You can make an order and buy power cable or cable lugs in JSC«Termokabel Elektropech» . Buying suitable cable is not as easy as it may seem, but we have specialists who can advise what cable exactly you need. Our consultants can help you to sort out what you really need.
    We have great assortment of power cables of different cross-section that you can buy. If you buy our production you never claim on its quality.

    Power water - cooled cables PCW ASF TC are for flexible sites of secondary current distributors of arc-type steel furnace and also for other type electrical steel furnace: arc-type vacuum furnace, inductive, ore – thermal, units for electro slag remelting process.

    - cable type PCW ASF TC (Power water - cooled cables for arc-type electrical furnace produced by JSC«Termokabel Elektropech»)
    - through dash normal cross-section of strand nominated in sq. mm;
    - after comma completed length is nominated
    - number TU3443-003-71042321-04

    Completed length of cables is distance showed in meters between cross axis of contact surface of two tags of completed cable.

    Completed length of cables is coordinated by Customer and Producer. 

    Tag’s connection sizes in the table can be changed with accordance to customer.

    Materials Used for producing cables
    - Copper not isolated cord marked as PMG, MG, or MGE, made of round copper wire electrical-technical marking MM. 
    Possible variation of normal section of conducting strand is ±5%
    - Pressed wire rod according to all-Union State Standard 1535-91 made of copper marked M1.
    - Rubber-fabric super mechanical strong and wear resisting, and also with dielectric properties thermal stability (working temperature form 10oC until 80oC)
    - Stainless steel low magnetic (constructive tag elements and crows).

    Pressure of cooling water 0.3-0.5 MPa
    Temperature of cooling water in the entrance to the cable bunch+35oC and in the exit +60oC 
    Current density in the working regime should be not more 8A/mm2


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