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    The device for fading of wire‘s  mechanical  voltage near  by a cable lug and compensation of electrodynamical shocks.


    Patent RF № 66122 and  Patent RF № 67659.




    The  peripheral  (critical) length of the power supply cable near by the connection between the  cable lug and  copper strands  is more often subject to electrodynamic loads.  „The Device for fading of wire‘s  mechanical  voltage“ was worked out and employed for a mechanical voltage compensation of this unit. The additional Compensator-clamp (4) of a gaged length  is installed inside the supporting clamp (3) and is secured on the metal  connector  with the help of the band clamp (5).

      The operating principle of the compensator is unique:
    • limit the amplitude of vibration, caused by the electrodynamical shocks as the result of the mechanical voltage fading;
    • absorb the vibration greatly in proportion to the force of a shock due to a short-time damping pressurization of the cooling water inside the supporting hose.


    The rotating copper lug for a water-cooled cable


    Patent RF № 65681




    The water-cooled cable with a rotating copper lug


    The construction of the water-cooled  cable with the rotating copper lug is used for the twin ladle furnace units.
    The main aim of this project engineering  is a production of a lug for a cable with the  annular collar which has a capability to rotate against  the cable lug.
    The usage of the sealing material and abuts  made of  innovational polymeric materials  gives the opportunity to make a lug of a power cable more leakproof.


    The water-cooled cable.


    Patent RF № 2333560




    The construction of the power cable is distinguished by that the perforation holes(1) are  placed over the whole core rod‘s surface (2) in the lines  disposed between the electric conductors(3) and equidistantly to these lines. 
    The hole-making in a multiturn spiral line provides the streamlining of the whole cable surface and allows  to lower the pressure difference in different parts of the core rod, that promotes growth of relialibility and water-cooled cable‘s working capacity thanks to the improvement  of the water-cooling circulation, the speed increse of heat passage from the power cable elements to the working liquid, the acceleration of the cold-and-heated-water-mixing process, the homogeneity of the water temperature.





    The jacket is especially worked out to defend water-cooled cables used in the arc furnaces.
    The jackets Insuflex EAF CC defend the power cables employed in the arc furnaces from all the risques which can arise during the arc furnace‘s functioning -  the influence of high temperatures, shocks, friction,  open fire and  molten metal spatters. It allows to provide a steady functioning of the arc furnace without any stops and delays caused by a cable‘s damage.
    The jacket  is made according to the size given by a customer with the help of the soft armor PYROBLANKET 96 OZ and fire-proof  clamp joint-stickum  Nomex, all this permits to install the secure jacket without the cable‘s  disconnection.
    Also it‘s possible to install some additional secure  inserts in the parts with a greater influence  of high temperatures and molten metal spatter.
    The secure coverage of the incresed width repels the molten metal spatter quickly preventing the heat influence on the power cable.  If the influence of high temperatures and molten metal spatter lasts for a long  period of time, the silicone  component of the jacket‘s coverage turned into a fire-proof secure coat.


    The internals of the jacket EAF CC

    The temperature of the long-term influence


    The maximal temperature of the short-term influence


    The resistance to  the molten metal spatters


    The resistance to the metal spatters the fusion


    The resistance to the open fire


    The resistance to  the friction


    The elasticity

    Very good

    The resistance to water and oils

    Very good



    The distancing  silicone perforate pipe


    Tubes from silicone, innovative material for these type of products, are used to distance  strands in the construction of water-cooled cables.
    The use of silikone tubes provides defence of conductor strands from electric corrosion and also from mechanical  damage as a result of cable cord fiction of one another.

    Silicone units stand temperature falls in broad band, theay are shock resistant and durable in industrial use, therefore they are used in many branches  of industry.
    Silicone units have such qualities as:

    • High heat and cold endurance
    • High electric and mechanic endurance
    • Perfect electrically insulating qualities (resistance to electric fields, electric arc and corona dischage)
    • Environmentfl safety (silicone devices are not toxic)
    • High flexibility, elesticity and durability (up to 35 years)
    • Durability to oil, acids, alkali, hydrogen peroxide and vacuum
    • High durability to ozone, sunlight and solar radiation
    • Durability to many corrosive mediums (saline, spirits and phenol)
    • Working temperature  range for  the units from silicone is from – 600C to +2500C (temperature interval may be expanded from – 900C to +3000C for the short period (up to 5 minutes)
    • Antistick properties (inadhesion, sliding)
    • Transmission capacity (visual control of cable deterioration)

    These innovation developments make it possible to extend cable warranty period up to 2 years.


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