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    Use of water-cooling cables on arch steelmaking furnaces in the USSR dates back to late 1960-s. Water-cooling cables (with section to 200 mm2) had been used in the USSR in induction furnaces current distribution.
    When putting in operation two furnaces Arch Steel melting Furnaces-80 (ARF-80) on Novolipetzk metallurgic plant it came out that design of low-voltage circuit flexible part is impossible without cables water cooling.(furnace #1 was put in operation in operation in January, furnace #2 was put in operation in March 1959).
    Low-voltage circuit flexible part on the first two furnaces ARF -80 with transformator wattage 25000 k/Watt and linear current 34,5 k/ampere was carried out by six bunches of dry cables МГГЭ-500, 32 cables in the bunch. Provision of reliable electric insulation of bunches from each other referring to furnace with swinging roof turned out quite difficult lumber chains of utilized tires needed to be placed on the Novolipetzk metallurgic plant furnaces.
    So for the next third furnace ARF-80 it was necessary to construct low-voltage circuit flexible part with water-cooling cables, put in rubber-fabric sleeves with special tags as fitments. 
    First national arch steel melting furnace with water-cooling cables was put in operation 06.11.1960 in Electro steel melting Workshops-2 of Tchelyabinsk metallurgic plant.
    Low-voltage circuit of furnace ARF -200M01with water-cooling cables presented by copper bare lead with section 1000 mm2, in rubber-fabric sleeves was the next step of water-cooling cables application on arch steel melting furnaces. These cables had such tags construction that cable dismantling without current-carrying thread unsoldering became possible, i.e. its further use is possible when only rubber-fabric sleeve is damaged. This low-voltage circuit was worked out in All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Electro Thermal Equipment. 
    These cables were successfully tested when putting in operation the first furnace on Volgogradskiy metallurgic plant «Krasny Oktyabr» in June 1970.


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