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JSC«Termokabel Elektropech» is a manufacturer of special energy water-cooled cables for electro furnaces. It was organized on the base of LLC «Termocable», which produced and delivered energy cables from 1993. 
Main types of activity is design, development, manufacture and service maintenance of power cables for electro-metallurgic furnaces.




Production is manufactured in conformity with License agreement (ROSPATENT, Registration number РД 0031337 as of 18.01.2008) .


Main types of production
• copper water-cooling cables with section from 240 mm2 to 6000 mm2;
• bare copper cables with section from 50 mm2 to 1500 mm2;
• insulated copper cables with section from 120 mm2 to 1200 mm2;
• Cables midlife repair and general maintenance with copper thread recovery, change of rubber-fabric sleeves and tags.

The system of quality management is found in conformity with International standard ISО 9001:2000.
The enterprise has got the certificate of conformity of Gosstandart of Russia on water-cooled cables and certificate IQNet.
The Advantages of high-current cables for electric furnaces of our manufacture are:
• the presence of the device of easing the mechanical pressure of the wire preventing a break of a cable in a place of the greatest loading (Patent №66122 and Patent №67659)
• the division of copper core by perforated silicon tube;
• the rotating tip (Patent №65681).

Due to shop tests of cables of improved construction made at JSC “Nizhnesrgiensk hardware metallurgic plant” guaranteed service life has increased up to 2 years.

Regular improvement of cable design is conducted by the company experts in cooperation with design organizations VNIIETO (Moscow) and NT ZAO «Akont «(Chelyabinsk).
In 2007 a number of patents in the field of construction and production technology of cables were received. 
Its successful activity is proved by its recognition on the regional, federal and also international levels.
The enterprise became the winner of competitions «The Leader of economy» (Orenburg) in 2006 and 2007). In 2007 it was recognized as the winner of competition «Eurasia - leader in business » (Ekaterinburg). In 2005 JSC«Termokabel Elektropech» won the award «European standard» for contribution to innovative activity.
JSC«Termokabel Elektropech» is a member of the international union of manufacturers of metallurgical machinery«Metallurgmash».
The enterprise offers design development and manufacturing of cables for electric furnaces under individual orders considering details of operation, maintenance service and consultations of experts.

Sedih Anatoly is the CEO.


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